Chimney sweeping / rotary power sweeping

Devon Chimney Sweeping Services

If you have a coal or wood fire then you should have your chimney swept at least once a year to help protect both your health and your home. Sweeping your chimney on a regular basis will make sure your fireplace functions both safely and efficiently as it will prevent harmful gases escaping back into your room, avoid smoke damage, prevent chimney fires and help your fire burn more effectively, saving you money.

We have a team of reliable and efficient staff to offer traditional brush chimney sweeping as well as power sweeping, bird nest removal, cowl installations and minor chimney repairs.

We can sweep coal, oil, gas and wood pellet burning appliances and venting systems using traditional chimney brushes and rods as well as more modern tools such as power brushes, vacuums, cameras and other special chimney sweeping tools.

Stove cleaning and maintenance

Devon Chimney Sweeping Services

A clean fireplace provides for a great view of the fire and the wood burns better and cleaner. In addition, if you burn dry wood of good quality and ensure regular sweeping of your chimney, you minimise the risk of soot fires that can cause damage to the chimney. A proper maintenance system extends the lifetime for your product and gives you many years of great experiences.

We offer this additional cleaning and maintenance service if required, just let us know at the time of booking.

Bird nest removal

Devon Chimney Bird Nest Removal Services

Birds, nests and their eggs are protected by Law and there are severe penalties issued for deliberately destroying active nests. It is important you seek specialist advice and do not disturb the birds yourself, especially during the breeding season.

Many birds and other insects such as bees and wasps can often make their homes in your chimney causing a potentially dangerous blockage
A blocked chimney can result in smoke or lethal gases like carbon monoxide escaping into your home or even cause a chimney fire so keeping your chimney clear of blockages is vitally important for health and safety.

We can safely remove nests and give advice on hives. Once removed we can install a cowl to prevent this happening in the future.

Cowl Fitting

Devon Chimney Cowel Services

A chimney cowl is a hood shaped covering that fits over the top of your chimney pot and prevents a multitude of problems.

A well fitted cowl can stop birds, squirrels and other animals falling or nesting in your chimney which can cause your chimney to be blocked. A blocked chimney can potentially cause lethal gases to escape into your room and even cause a chimney fire.

Chimney Cowls can also prevent rain getting in which can cause damp patches in your chimney or in your home.

There are a wide range of cowls available in many different styles, we can source and supply the right cowl for your chimney and will install this at a convenient time for you.

Chimney lining and repairs


The chimney liner is there to ensure safe usage of your stove by preventing carbon monoxide leaking into other areas of the property. Another main advantage of lining is to increase the performance and efficiency of the flue and will also prevent the build of tar within the flue which is a potential fire hazard. A wood stove or multi fuel stove can be up to 80% efficient in comparison to open fires which might be as low as 20%.

We provide and install the right flue lining for your chimney according to the stove manufacturer regulations and building requirements


We can carry out most minor repairs such as repointing and re-flaunching  your chimney pot or stack, repair broken or unstable brickwork and repair and install a range of chimney cowls to prevent birds and other wildlife getting into your chimney.

We can also carry out surveys and safety checks to ensure your chimney is working safely and efficiently.

Additional building work can  create a beautiful redecorated final look to your fireplace.

Wood burning stoves

Stove Sample

For a mid-range budget and for the best efficiency in a wood burner within this price range we recommend Arada Stoves.

We are able to recommend the right model and size for you as well as supply and deliver on the day of the install so you don’t have the hassle of going to collect.

We are the approved and recommended wood burner installer for Arada stoves.

Browse below for the latest models we recommend and we can discuss your requirements in more detail when we come to provide a quote for the work.